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ELSA 4.0 VW - 03.2012ELSA 4.0 VW - 03.2012.rar 5831 kb/s 8217
ELSA 4.0 VW - 03.2012ELSA 4.0 VW - 03.2012.rar 4831 kb/s 7417
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ELSA 4.0 VW - 03.2012
ELSA 4.0 VW - 03.2012 | 19.6 GB

Description: The Information Base (manual) car repair Concern VW AG. Contains a description of technology of repair and car maintenance, electrical wiring diagrams, standard time on the work performed, etc.
This program is not designed to work with diagnostic adapters.

A more detailed description can be found by downloading the SSP ElsaWin - Application and operation.
Extras. Information: This distribution contains all the necessary components for installation: 4.0 setup, the base VW 03.2012, serial numbers, key generator, and installation instructions. All components are easy to install and require no form of additional programs

The order of installation is simple:
A. Install the setup 4.0
Two. Set the base.
And a little more about the localization and documentation sections. While the list of available interface languages ??available and the Russian language, the percentage of actual information translated into Russian language is very small. The reasons for this situation is difficult to judge - just leave it on the conscience of localization and programmers. Only one way out - often turn to the English and German counterparts documentation. It is clear that not everyone is comfortable, but let's not forget that the author of this program is the German carmaker - and it explains a lot.

Year / Date: 2012
Version: 03
System Requirements: Windows NT4.0/Windows 2000/Windows Xp Professional / Windows 2003
Supports 64-bit systems: Present
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present

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